Bultaco Brinco Features & Benefits

The Bultaco Brinco offers features other bikes simply can't...


      Bultaco Brinco, a Pedelec push bike,  or a Road legal Moped?

Here are some of the reasons why the Bultaco Brinco is set to be a revolutionary 2 wheeled machine… 

           Riding the Bultaco Brinco won’t annoy your neighbours whether its in your garden or in a local area.

  • High Quality European manufactured product from a premium brand with 2 year warranty backup not a throwaway Chinese toy.
  • Quality branded parts Magura 4 pot calipers and Schlumpf overdrive system giving 18 gears.
  • Tuneable power stay legal and safe in public areas and conserve battery power when you need want to extend range.
  • Low maintenance No spark plug, no clutch plates, no oil changes, no air filters means you will be fixing less and riding  longer and  it  will  be   cheaper to maintain (no spending on the latest exhaust pipe or piston kit or race fuel).
  • Highly secure The Brinco only starts with a swipe of the special wireless credit card or wrist band.
  • New app will allow the bike to be tracked and routes to be stored ( not yet available )
  • Light weight Aluminium frame means less fatigue and more flickability when the going gets tight.
  • High power high torque right from low speed means no bogging like a petrol engine at low rpm.
  • No kick start means no stalling and you can just get straight back on and no trying to kickstart a flooded bike.
  • No hot exhaust means no danger of burnt legs or feet.
  • Swappable battery pack swap the Brinco battery in 1 minute if it runs flat   ( £1250 for an additional battery ) or pedal it home!
  • Titanium fasteners in key critical areas for lightness and corrosion resistance.
  • Low price On road C version just £4495 plus delivery which is about half the price of a Stealth pedelec electric bike.
  • Road going Brinco S version with street tyres and softer seat £4695. Order now before Brexit!
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