THIS BIKE WAS NEVER RELEASED Rapitán will be the bike for all lovers of motorcycling, and especially those who demand a high level of features. It is the bike for all those people with a positive attitude and an interest in new 21st-century solutions for integrated mobility and connectivity.

Its futuristic drive system develops astonishing acceleration and maximizes range by recovering and accumulating more braking energy than any other electric bike known. “Hyperconnected” with both the rider and the environment, Rapitán leads the two-wheeled ride to a hitherto unknown dimension.

Rapitán has been developed from scratch with the goal of getting the maximum advantages that its propulsion system can yield.


  • Outstanding directional stability.
  • Unambiguous front wheel feedback.
  • Uncomprised riding comfort.
  • Everlasting performance
  • The latest Li-Ion Battery with more efficient energy management.
  • A maximum speed of 145 km/ h (90 mph)
  • A range of 110 km (motorway) or 200 km (city)
  • Internal storage for a full-face helmet or other objects
  • Rapitán is the perfect bike for the urban and peri-urban environment.


The Bultaco Rapitán comes as both the Rapitán and Rapitán Sport.