Zero Electric Motorcycle Battery Problems

What goes wrong with Zero electric motorcycle batteries?

Zero electric motorcycle battery

Loose Connectors


Early Zero electric motorcycle batteries suffered failures, so we thought we would take one to bits to find out what the problem was. We found that some spade connectors were not making proper connection to the rows of cells because they were not crimped down tight enough. The cells could not be recognised by the Battery Management System. Therefore they were not subsequently charged or balanced. The connectors did not fall off because they were held on by copious amounts of hot glue. The glue needed to be removed before the real problem was discovered.

If a bank of cells goes uncharged for a time it may be beyond reclaiming. We have been able to fit complete new banks of cells to redress the problem. This has restored the battery pack to a workable level without needing to purchase a whole new battery.


Cells removed from a Zero electric motorcycle battery

Cells removed from a Zero battery

 Access can be gained to the connectors by opening the end of the Zero electric motorcycle battery pack. You do need a special square profile security socket to do so and remove the stickers covering the screws on the sides.

WARNING! DO NOT OPEN THIS UP UNLESS YOU ARE ELECTRICALLY QUALIFIED AS THIS BATTERY SUPPLIES 300 AMPS. The + and – terminals are only an inch apart in places. Any metal tool bridging this gap will be vapourised and any sustained short could cause thermal runaway and lead to a fire.

We are working on replacement battery pack for the Zero Electric Motorcycle X and MX models that will be released in 2016.

Latest news, the prototype battery has been successful and is available now on an exchange basis for £2000. It uses the latest EIG battery cells and is 4 kg lighter than the standard battery with better performance.